British made pennine socks made from quality spools of cotton wool and merino wool

Quality British Craftmanship.

To create the Pennine range of country and shooting socks, we only use the finest raw wool yarns sourced from the foremost spinners around the world.

We use a unique blend of three types of wool: Pennine Premium, a hard-wearing dependable yarn that balances softness with durability; Pennine Extra Fine Merino, wool made of finer fibres and a lower micron count for softness; and Pennine Cashmere, which offers a fluffy luxurious texture.

The result is a sock which comprises softness for comfort, flexibility for performance, insulation for warmth, strength for durability and breathability for dryness. A sock that has passed through many skilled and attentive hands before they reach the customer. A sock of distinction.

Quality materials used to make all of our socks and shooting clothing