Timeless Quality

british pennine timeless quality shooting socks
Made from the world's finest yarns in the heart of England

Socks are the one item of clothing which undergoes more daily friction and stress than any other. They are also washed, dried and worn more often. It’s therefore essential that every high quality sock combines comfort and durability. But without quality yarns there can be no quality socks.

Since the beginning, we have travelled the length and breadth of Britain and throughout the world to source the highest quality materials, skills and knitting methods. Since then, we have challenged, tested and refined our methods at every stage, focussing entirely on the quality of our socks.

At Pennine we thrive on a culture of quality from the sourcing of our yarns to the very last stitch. It’s just part of the story that has gained the company the reputation for producing the finest British country and shooting socks.

pennine british luxury shooting socks
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