Traditional Craftsmanship

british pennine luxury shooting socks
Techniques honed over the past three centuries

The process by which Pennine socks are manufactured is truly unique, typically taking almost twice as long as the manufacture of a standard long sock. Unsurprising when you consider that making each pair involves around 70,000 stitches.

Combining traditional hand-knitting techniques honed over the past three centuries with, the latest in weaving technology, our dedicated team of craftsmen and women create socks in an inspired range of distinctive designs and a bold palette of colours.

All Pennine socks feature a double-barrelled cuff, a leg with greater lateral stretch and fit at the calf, a turned heel and a grafted hand-linked toe for comfort. While for added durability and ultimate performance out in the field, the heel and toe are subtly reinforced with strong, fine nylon fibres.

Once complete, the socks are scour-washed to remove unwanted oils and waxes from the yarn before undergoing a series of rigorous tests for colour bleed, washing shrinkage, fibre bobbling, stability, wear, pilling and abrasion.

The socks are then dried and placed on a wooden leg form and placed in a steam chamber to shape and press it to the correct size and shape. Last of all, they are visually examined and hand-checked to make sure that each sock meets our exacting standards. Only then do they reach the customer.

pennine british luxury shooting socks
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